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The Bliss View – Euro Bound with the Eurobond

It looks like Georgia are keen to keep up their push for European status and NATO membership. According to an article in Reuters the country is issuing Eurobonds to sustain the growth necessary to support their application, following an economic downturn in the country’s closest neighbours.

We believe that Georgia is teetering on the brink of a positive revolution and is likely to become one of the hottest property investment centres in Europe. We think there’s a very strong possibility that the country will issue the bonds and secure the necessary money to bring the country up to scratch.

One of the best things to come out of this investment will be the rebuilding of the Georgian infrastructure. It’s our opinion that Georgia is putting everything in place that’s needed to help the growth of the country.

Creating a decent transport infrastructure is one of the top priorities of this program alongside vital repairs to flood damage in the country’s capital, Tbilisi.

After having our own surreal experience tearing down a rough road in Georgia at 120 kilometres per hour, dodging sheep and cattle during our recent trip, we are of the opinion that the investment money raised by the Eurobond scheme will be well spent.

However, regardless of whether the money is raised through Eurobonds, one thing is definite and that’s the growth of Tbilisi and the surrounding area as a popular tourist destination.

And that’s why we’re opening up investment opportunities in Georgia for the likes of you to profit from the coming boom.

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